Group of Carbonaceous Nanostructures and Nanotechnology

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Superior Council of Scientific Investigations

The research objectives of this group are: Synthesis of carbon nanotubes in a controlled way, synthesis of nanocomposites based on carbon nanotubes and development of applications.

Among the investigations carried out: Production of single and multi-layer carbon nanotubes by electric arc, CVD and laser. Purification, treatments and functionalization of carbon nanotubes. Development of dispersions with nanotubes. Synthesis of composites with nanotubes for optoelectronic applications (conductive polymers) and for mechanical reinforcement (thermoplastic polymers, liquid crystal polymers, ceramics). Synthesis of carbon nanotube fibers by coagulation and electrospinning. Use of carbon nanotubes in energy storage systems (supercapacitors and batteries), such as gas and vapor sensors. Encapsulation of metallic nanoparticles in carbonaceous nanostructures. Study of properties of the materials obtained.

Characterization: Electron microscopy, AFM, TGA studies, ICP, porosity analysis, FTIR spectroscopy, UV-vis, fluorescence, elemental analysis. Conductivity measurements.
Techniques: Electric arc, CVD, laser, coagulation system, "electrospinning" system, spin-coater, variable intensity ultrasound tip.

The group is linked to the CSIC - Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas within the Instituto de Carboquímica

Principal investigator: Dr. Wolfgang

Researchers: José Miguel González Domínguez, Ana María Benito Moraleja, Alejandro Ansón Casaos

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