Nanotechnology and the wood industry

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Nanotec Pty Ltd, an Australian company, yesterday launched its promotional campaign for a new product created with nanotechnological advances to protect wood. Is called "Nanoseal Wood”And is an ultra-hydrophobic colloidal solution based on water that has self-assembling properties that form the functional structure of the surface.

A repellent effect is achieved through a combination of molecular changes in the surface structure and hydrophobic properties. “It is a unique wood surface treatment that protects the wood not only by controlling moisture and water content, but also by protecting the surface from ultraviolet radiation.

Water is one of the main enemies of wood, but this new product manufactured with the latest advances in nanotechnology makes water simply fall off the wood, without penetrating into the substrate. The nanoparticles self-assemble into a single-layer 25-nanometer structure, which gives greater protection against UV radiation.

Finally, it has the advantage of being a product that does not harm the environment, since it does not contain volatile organic compound (VOC), solvents, oils or pesticides.

Nanotec is currently looking for possible partners in the wood sector to further develop its project.



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