15 famous quotes in tribute to Simone de Beauvoir

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Today is the 160th anniversary of the birth of a woman who, with her words, was able to express her opinion freely on aspects such as politics and philosophy, we join her in her tribute with these phrases that characterize her.


  • The problem of women has always been a problem of men.
  • It is absolutely impossible to face any human problem with a mind devoid of prejudices.
  • Beauty is even more difficult to explain than happiness.
  • Writing is a trade that is learned by writing.
  • Through work it has been how women have been able to bridge the distance that separated them from men. Work is the only thing that can guarantee you concrete freedom.
  • The wrinkles of the skin are that indescribable something that comes from the soul.
  • The most scandalous thing about scandal is that you get used to it.
  • What is an adult? A child inflated by age.
  • The nature of man is evil. His goodness is acquired culture.
  • The fact that there is a privileged minority does not compensate or excuse the situation of discrimination in which the rest of their colleagues live.
  • Writing is a trade that is learned by writing.
  • The day that a woman can not love with her weakness but with her strength, not escape from herself but find herself, not humble herself but affirm herself, that day love will be for her, as for man, a source of life and not a mortal danger .
  • The secret of happiness in love consists less in being blind than in closing your eyes when necessary.
  • The slave who obeys chooses to obey.
  • It is lawful to violate a culture, but on condition of making it a child.

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