The Kings of Spain by Joaquín Reyes

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Joaquín Reyes is a Spanish writer, actor, cartoonist and comedian known, among many other things, for his imitations and parodies of famous people on shows like Muchachada Nui and La Hora Chanante.

We can currently see it in the programThe intermediate of La Sexta where he has made these parodies of the new Kings of Spain.

Joaquín Reyes - Leticia I of Spain and V of Malasaña

"Before being a monarchist, I am a hipster"

"The independent thing drives me crazy"

"But Felipe VI of my life that you are older than opening a hotmail account"

Joaquín Reyes- Don Felipe: "Crutch of power, give me strength, Felipe VI orders it"

"I have titles to cascoporro but maybe I went down in history as Urdangarín's brother-in-law"

"I am the scariest heir in the history of this country ..., attend to my curriculum ... come on, I can't upload this to LinkedIn because I use the internet"

"... Bourbons do not make children we copy paste ..."

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