The only 5 shirts you need in your closet

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There are only 5 shirts you need to have a complete wardrobe, do you know what they are?

It does not matter if you are Hippie, alternative, a fashion victim or a classic person, the shirts that I indicate below should be the key garment in your closet (and the ones that will save you from more than one trouble).

These are the shirts you need in your life and in your closet:

Basic T-shirt (white, black and / or gray)

This should be your basic, both to dress and to go sport. If you have a basic one of any of the colors that I have mentioned, you will have a treasure

Your Favorite Rock Band T-Shirt

You need her (even if you're not a rocker), you need her, trust me. There are also "more light" versions with which you will connect.

T-shirt with message

Both the name of your favorite brand, the city of your dreams, a word that describes what you feel or whatever you feel like

Elle Spain

T-shirt with colored drawings or prints

The typical t-shirt that is capable of transporting you to the past, making you smile or giving color to your look

T-shirt with a more formal fabric

Because you also need to have the typical t-shirts that only with them it seems that you are going to a great gala, or at least make you be the most elegant and cool of the place


Elle Spain

I assure you that if you have these 5 t-shirt models, you absolutely don't need anything else!

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