Characteristics of the zodiac signs

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Each of the zodiac signs has particular characteristics that define them

If you want to know the characteristics of your zodiac sign, or those of your partner or another person, you just have to click on the sign in question in the table below.

We tell you how each of the signs, characteristics, virtues and defects of each zodiac sign are.


(21/3 - 20/4)


(21/4 - 20/5)


(21/5 - 20/6)


(21/6 - 20/7)


(21/7 - 21/8)


(22/8 - 22/9)


(23/9 - 22/10)


(23/10 - 22/11)


(23/11 - 20/12)


(21/12 - 19/1)


(20/1 - 18/2)


(19/2 - 20/3)

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