Baidu Eye: China's answer to Google Glass

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Baidu Eye photo courtesy of Baidu

Baidu, the most important search engine, presented yesterday Wednesday a functional prototype of a device for glasses in the style of Google Glass with the name Baidu Eye.

These Chinese Google Glass contain a smartphone that recognizes voice commands and gestures, and includes a headset and camera. Unlike Google Glass, the Baidu lack a small upper screen that can be seen with the eyes.

Photo: courtesy of Baidu

To enable hands-free searching, the camera on the right side of Baidu can take photos and recognize objects in them, a feature that can make online shopping easier. It is similar to the new feature of the Amazon Fire phone.

Instead of a display, Baidu Eye transmits the information to a connected smartphone, an option to extend the device's battery life by around two hours. One of the main complaints about Google Glass is that its battery life - poor quality - is short since it can only run for about 45 minutes with continuous recording.

Baidu is working with several manufacturers to bring this prototype to market. Its price or the term offered for its availability is not yet known.

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