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According to an article published this month on Pcworld, Yahoo has launched part of a new advertising platform aimed at improving the buying and selling of digital ads and their placement on the Web.

The APT platform has been in development for at least two years. The APT has been one of Yahoo's big projects aimed at improving its lackluster financial performance and grabbing a larger share of ad revenue on the emerging Internet.

Yahoo hastily advanced the APT presentation, due to intense pressure on the company from Microsoft's attempted purchase. APT's website contains few details, but the company summarizes its features.
The goal of APT is to connect website owners, advertisers and agencies that sell advertising with each other. It is an automated platform that provides advertisers with a wide range of tools to control where ads should appear, what type of web surfers they should be and how much they are willing to pay for them.

Yahoo's strength is in the area of ​​display advertising, while Google has built its robust business on text-based advertising that can be incorporated into websites with similar content. However, Google is also diversifying its platform towards display advertising and Microsoft continues to be a key player.

According to Yahoo, two newspapers, the San Francisco Chronicle and the San Jose Mercury News, will use the APT. The publications are part of a Journalism Consortium established in 2006, in which newspapers share advertising revenue with Yahoo in exchange for technical assistance.

Yahoo also stated that most of the 784 newspapers in the consortium will adopt the APT over the next year.

The APT can serve ads, which means it places an ad in the right place at the right time on the publication site. It also constitutes its own advertising network, linking advertisers to publications, and an advertising exchange venue, where advertisements can be bought and sold. Advertising exchanges help posts find ads to show when they have unsold space.

According to Yahoo, the APT can offer ads taking into account where the person is browsing the Internet from and according to their online behavior. The ability to target advertising based on these factors is increasingly requested by advertisers, who do not want to spend money showing ads to people who are likely not interested in their products.

Source: PC World

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