8 famous quotes in homage to Adolfo Suarez

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As we all know, last Sunday, March 24, the person who was the first president of democracy in Spain passed away, today a tribute to this figure who earned a place in history.

8 famous quotes in memory of Adolfo Suárez:

  • Politics is for me a trade, a profession, a vocation and a sport.
  • Life always gives you two options: the comfortable and the difficult. When in doubt, always choose the difficult one, because that way you will always be sure that comfort has not been chosen for you.
  • There is something that even God could not deny men: freedom.
  • The Constitution will not solve all our problems, but we will all be protagonists in our history.
  • The future is not written, because only the people can write it.
  • The period of political transition is over. In just two years, we Spaniards have transformed, from the legal point of view, an authoritarian system of government into a pluralist democracy.
  • Democracy in Spain is absolutely irreversible.
  • A politician cannot be a cold man. Your first obligation is not to become an automaton. You have to remember that each of your decisions affects human beings. It benefits some and harms others. And you must always remember the injured.

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