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10 tips for ethical Christmas shopping

Every year the claim that Christmas is no longer a few days of excessive consumption and spending is heard more and more, and ideas are sought that allow organizing a more measured, responsible and supportive celebration. The Natural Choices website suggests some ideas for ethical Christmas shopping.

What exactly does the term "ethical shopping" mean?

All of our purchases have an impact on people and the planet. The idea is that the gifts we buy at Christmas not only benefit their recipient, but also their producer and the planet. Many people prefer to be sure that our purchases are not the result of irresponsible exploitation of people or natural resources and that their manufacturing process does not pollute.

Key point to keep in mind

  • Fair trade production that enriches workers and ensures the protection of children
  • Green Manufacturing: Resource Use, Transportation Impact, and Pollution
  • Use / consumption of products to achieve energy efficiency.

How we can make ethical purchases this Christmas

Tips to make this Christmas more ethical than previous celebrations:

1. Support local shops and businesses: we recommend buying in local independent shops; This prevents us from using the car, offers us a more personal service and encourages the local community. If we don't use them, they end up disappearing. In case of not being able to find what we want in any local store, try one of the websites specialized in ethical purchases, if you do a search in google you will find many options

2. Fair trade: look for products labeled with the seal of the Fair Trade Foundation (Fairtrade Foundation) or purchase them from the ever-growing fair trade stores, which ensure that workers have received a fair wage for their work. Fairtrade food and gift products are very different from what they were in the beginning, when product quality was unpredictable.

3. Products that have not been tested on animals: Testing our cosmetics on animals is a sign of human arrogance; choose products that have not been tested on animals.

4. Battery-free products - Products that run on solar or wind power anytime, anywhere.

5. Farm and organic products: The availability of organic food has increased considerably in recent years. Organic food is free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, something that benefits workers, consumers and the environment. There is no reason that all Christmas food (including wine) cannot be organic or free-range.

6. Non-genetically modified foods: Genetically modified foods are one of the most suspicious fields of science and the ethics of genetic modification has yet to be proven. Look for foods that are labeled as having not been genetically modified.

7. Recycling: buy recycled products. Recycled items save precious resources and avoid the problem of lack of space in landfills. The most frequently available objects are paper and glass products, although plastics are increasingly being recycled into stationery.

8. Look for the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) logo: Many wood products are made from unsustainably managed forests, often virgin rainforests. The Forest Stewardship Council conducts an independent testing of sustainable wood and paper products.

9. Biodegradable: if we have to buy disposable products, choose them biodegradable so that they completely decompose as soon as possible; offers a wide range of good quality products.

10. Reusable shopping bags: bring our own bags to avoid further increasing the billions of plastic grocery bags that end up staining the streets and the sea, where they cause serious damage to marine life.

With a growing number of ethical stores and a wide variety of ethical shopping sites on the Internet, it is not time wasted or difficult to shop at no cost to Earth. It's not always cheap, but it doesn't always have to be more expensive either.

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