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For many years we have dreamed of making unlimited calls abroad. But international calls were prohibited because of their price. Even today large queues of immigrants are formed who want to call their home in call centers that do business in international communications. Calling abroad cost a fortune ... But Voice over IP was born ... cheaper impossible ... unlimited calls for free. It is ideal for companies and for people with relatives abroad.


Too easy and free!.

From computer to computer:

1. Computer requirements: your PC must have:

A sound card
Microphone and speakers
Internet connection

2. Download a VoIP program (Voice over IP) that allows voice transmission over the Internet (IP networks). Skype is the best known. You have to register. Also some instant messaging programs (eg Netmeeting) make computer-to-computer communication possible. The caller and the recipient must have the same program (eg Skype).

3. Skype is free and very easy to install. If you opt for Skype, it works with any firewall. Steps: 1. Download Skype from here. 2. Register. 3. Start making calls.

4. Startr communication between the two computers is free.

Call from computer to landline or mobile.

It is also viable, although here the term "free" is over , although the calls are cheaper since part of the communication is carried out over the Internet and not through the companies' wiring.

With Skype you can also create a prepaid account through SkypeOut to call any landline or mobile phone at a cheaper price. It is highly recommended to companies that have branches abroad or that maintain contacts with suppliers or customers and can offer free IP service for customer assistance, etc.

Devices - useful accessories:

Headphones with microphone with USB input. It allows to perfectly simulate the "traditional method".
Analog Telephone Adapters. You can connect your phone to your PC. In this way you can make calls from a telephone by dialing normally over the Internet. You can do everything "wireless". See accessories.
Through ADSL or broadband lines, the voice quality is comparable to that of conventional lines.

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