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Marcelo, male name of Latin origin "Marcellus", proceeds frames, is considered its diminutive; its meaning is "hammer"or"relative to the god Mars".

History and the Saint

Saint Marcellus, martyr centurion. It belongs to the third century saints and is the first saint with the name of Marcelo. He was serving as a Roman officer in Tangier, Morocco. During the celebration of the anniversary of the Emperor Maxilimiano, Marcelo revolts against his office by throwing his belt and sword in front of the troops. He is brought before the prefect Agricolamus and sentenced to death.

His Saint is celebrated on October 30.

Saint Marcellus I, pope and martyrAppointed pontiff in 308, his papacy lasted only one year; during his mandate he organized the Church after 4 years without pope, since the death of St. MarcelinoHe divided Rome into 25 sectors, naming a priest for each of them and built the famous cemetery of Pope Marcellus. Christians who had reneged on the faith had to do penance to be admitted again, this earned him an accusation before the Emperor Maxentius; who decides to expel him from Rome. San Marcelo decides to stay hidden in the house of a noble lady, discovered later he is forced to clean the manger, where he dies. The nobleman's house is today the Temple of San Marcelo in Rome.

His Saint is celebrated on January 16.

Other SantosMarcelo: San Marcelo 1, pope and martyr is celebrated on January 16; San Marcelo, martyr on February 19, June 29, September 4, October 6 and October 7; San Marcelo, bishop and martyr on August 14 and September 4, among others.

Variant of Marcelo

Marcelo variants Marcelio; in feminine Marcela; patronymic: Marcelino.

Marcelo in other languages:

  • Catalan: Marcel.
  • French: Marcel.
  • English: Marcellis.
  • Italian: Marcello.

Famous, famous historical figures by the name of Marcelo

  • Marcelo Rios, was born in Santiago de Chile in 1975, a tennis player who in 1998 became the first South American to be in the first position of the Tennis Association.

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