A mobile charger could recharge the battery in 30 seconds

A new mobile phone charger could recharge the battery in just 30 seconds

According to StoreDot, a subsidiary of Tel Aviv University in Israel, in less than three years a new charger capable of fully recharging a smartphone in 30 seconds will be available. The device will cost about $ 30.

A prototype of the charger has been unveiled at Microsoft's Think Next congress in Tel Aviv, where the new device managed to fully recharge a Samsung Galaxy smartphone in about 30 seconds. The charger is about the same size as a portable power supply.

The charger has been developed from a technology from the Nanotechnology department of Tel Aviv University. Instead of the standard lithium-based chemicals used in current battery technology, the new charger uses StoreDot's proprietary organic compounds, called “Nanodots” (nanopoints), to compactly store energy quickly.

StoreDot plans to make chargers compatible with a wide range of smartphones and other electronic devices, such as tablets and laptops. To do this, it has already received $ 6 million from venture capital funds.

The prototype charger is about the size of a standard portable power supply, but StoreDot hopes its engineering team will be able to shrink the technology down to a more manageable size.

StoreDot plans to start production of the new charger in late 2020, at an estimated cost of $ 30, roughly double the price of a standard smartphone charger today.

Source: http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2014/apr/10/smartphone-charger-batteries-30-seconds

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