L'ullal Restaurant (Gandía)

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L'Ullal Restaurant is located in the city of Gandía less than 70 km. from Valencia and well worth a visit. The Valencian Safor region is extremely lucky to have L´Ullal. The region had been anchored in the apotheosis menus of As de Oros and La Gamba for years (in fact, Manuel Martínez, regent of La Gamba, created in 1995, together with his sons Vicente and Anabel, L'Ullal). Today Vicente Martínez has made a revolution in the kitchen ...

His creative cuisine comes from the kitchen of the grandmother, the local roots or the world ... ...... there is no shortage of creations of well-executed flavors and textures in the best current culinary line. Flavors lost and recovered with the modern kitchen technique of our days. Perfectionism and clarity of ideas. A cuisine that enchants those who come to enjoy it.

A tasting menu that changes twice a day. They are light, healthy menus. The meat and fish are left to the choice of the diner.

Google Maps address and telephone: Benicanena, 12. (46702 Gandía) 68 Km. From Valencia. Tel: 962877382.

How to get from Valencia to L´Ullal

Chef: Vicente Martinez

Menu / Recommended dishes: Sea fruit coca. Gratin scallops. The sea bream fillets with tender garlic and leek sauce. Black rice with a muslin of all i oli covered with grass. Suckling pig with tubers and mountain herbs. Tasting of sweets. Tasting menu.

Other data of interest: Closed Saturday noon, Sunday (except holidays), last week of January and first week of February.
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