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Today the last chapter of the Dr. series is broadcast in the United States. The followers of this program deserve a compilation of the best and most remembered quotes from this Doctor.

Famous quotes from Dr. House.

  • Would you prefer a doctor who holds your hand while you die or one who ignores you while you improve? Although I think the worst would be one that ignores you while you die.
  • If you let the child clap at 15, you won't have to buy him a new car at 16.
  • I only go to the theater if a woman I want to see naked forces me.
  • This test is not yet approved by Health. We'll keep the secret, okay?
  • You once told me that I always believe that I am right and I have understood that you are right. I think you wear it. I don't know ... I'm not sure.
  • His mother has undergone a personality change, you have to admit her. I'll send a nurse, I'm too handsome.
  • To intubate or not to intubate, that is the ethical question.
  • The temporal lobe controls speech, hearing, and memory. If you lose all that, you will be the ideal woman, but otherwise ...
  • Sure you have a lot of faith in God, but what do you look to the sides when crossing the street?
  • It's not what it seems! It looks like we're doing the dishes but we're actually fucking.
  • Anger, pride, envy, gluttony, take 4 deadly sins in 2 minutes. Do you make the records? Are there catholic cleansers?
  • If you want people to drive better, remove the airbags and put a machete pointed at the neck, no one will exceed ten an hour.
  • Congratulations, it was a tumor!

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