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José Martí (1853-1895), Cuban thinker, journalist, politician and poet of Spanish origin. Famous quotes from José Martí.

Famous Quotes of José Martí:

  • Gratitude, like certain flowers, does not occur in height and is better green in the good land of the humble.
  • The forest returns man to reason and faith, and it is perpetual youth.
  • Knowing how to read is knowing how to walk; knowing how to write is knowing how to ascend.
  • Homeland is humanity; It is that portion of humanity that we see more closely and in which we were born.
  • Freedom cannot be fruitful for peoples whose foreheads are stained with blood.
  • Helping those who need it is not only part of duty, but of happiness.
  • Peace comes as a necessary consequence of work: but work is not nourished when it cannot hope to make and improve its products.
  • Vanity has a sensitive liver; flattery has incredible arts.
  • Science and literature tame the passions that politics engenders. It is time for affection to replace hatred in the law of the world.
  • Love renews. I feel it, loving, the generous forgetfulness, the strengthening hope
  • Always note that those who do not have a quality are those who have the most effort to appear it
  • The palms are waiting brides; and we must put justice as high as palms.
  • Reaching fame is nothing more than the duty to constantly keep up with him.
  • Man often in great moments, when the nobility of others or his own, puts him on the heights, lose, with the vision of what is to come, the meticulous memory of the present.

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