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It is going to be a very spiritual year, with enormous inner growth, invisible to the people around you.

You will have a lot of money . You are in a period of great prosperity, there will be many trips during the year and you will delve into religion and philosophy.

Money is still very strong, you will live family life in a better and more spiritual way and if you have children they will continue to give you worries. Your work life is going to undergo important changess in the coming years and health you will live in a different way.

The most important thing for you is going to be family, home, children, fun, creativity and money.. What will give you the most pleasure is spirituality, caring for your body and image, personal pleasure and finances.

Sagittarius Love and Social Life 2020

This 2020 you are going to have a rather bland sentimental and loving year.

The vibrations that you transmit, without realizing it, are not conducive to love. You have become more abrupt, much colder, independent, more closed in on yourself, and too focused on your work.
All this hurts you, both in relationships and in social success.
It is going to be a year in which if you are single you will have quick and short-term relationships, but you do not care either.
If you are married you will remain married and if you are single, you will remain married.

This way of feeling that you have, a bit hermit, makes you have less confidence in yourself socially. You realize that you are not making friends. You do not evaluate people well and you do not convey sympathy, you do not empathize, this is why you do not attract them

Towards the end of the year, the last two months, you will be more cheerful and carefree and you will be yourself again. At that time you will also see an improvement with your partner or in the world of love relationships, if you do not have a partner.

This year it will help you to clarify your ideas, define yourself, know what kind of person you want as a couple, if you want to get married or not ...

Sagittarius Family and Home 2020

As we said at the beginning this year family and home is very important to you, each time you get on better with them. But at the same time you are going to want to move, you could even buy a house.

Also this year there are babies that are born in the family, someone who gets married, the family expands and that makes you happy.

The home you could move to, you decorate it in a very spiritual, with esoteric, religious symbols, crystals, incense in a very zen way, and it's just what you need.

You are going to invite friends to your house and you will have spiritual talks, even seminars, and what would be necessary would be to clean the house to eliminate all the negative energies that may be in case there are souls that have been left hanging in your house. Clean the environment so that they continue on their way and disappear, if you want to clean your house in this sense, this protection ritual can help you.

The last two months of the year you could have an argument with your father or mother when you disagree with them on something. A brother or sister is going to be very successful professionally and could move house, your parents are going to travel more this year more than usual, they could even move house themselves.

If you have children, no problem, they are balanced and calm this year.

Sagittarius Health 2020

Health will be better Than the previous year, you have more energy, you feel stronger and you gain confidence with your body and you do physical activities that you would never have thought of before.

The important thing this year is that you let your mind rest, it is going to be a year with significant mental wear and tear and especially if you work with a computer avoid abusing the screen, concentrating your mind and speaking if you have a profession where you speak a lot, try to speak less because you will exhaust yourself a lot out there.

When you are not working, read beautiful books, movies ... that make you reflect on other topics, evolve spiritually on what you like but disconnect your mind so that it can rest and recover.

Your weak points this year are the liver and thighs. For the liver do not forget to do a cleansing diet from time to time and massages for the thighs. Neck and throat It needs care because when you catch a cold it goes to your throat and neck it needs massages to relax that entire area. Another weak point is the ankles, if you do sports, be careful.

If you are a woman and are you looking get pregnant the first two months of the year are the most fertile for you.

Sagittarius Money and Work 2020

It is a very prosperous year, you are going to have strong income, you are still on a roll and business continues to do well, but you change this year, instead of being speculative and playing with money, you enter another phase and you become more forward-thinking, you want to save in the long run, don't speculate. You will start to have control of your finances and you will make budgets, savings plans, investments, everything to find you with money tomorrow.

If you are an investor you have to apply what I have told you, you are no longer going to invest risking, you are going to play it safe. If you are not an investor, it means that this year you are going to show your administrative side as much as possible.

Sagittarius Personal Evolution 2020

This year your challenge will be to face your sense of spiritual wealth to your sense of practical wealthFor those of you who do not understand this way of speaking much, it is like saying that Sagittarius is very spiritual but at the same time it is very easy to make money. But this year you will have to use your intuition to guide you and prosper and be able to reach your dreams through that money that you earn materially, but you will have to use your administrative and earthly part to manage it well.

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