7 little details that make a relationship grow

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We all think that our partner does not notice the little things we do, but in reality that is what keeps a relationship alive. Here I share 7 small details that although they seem insignificant when we do them, they do matter for our partner.

7 little things that do matter in a relationship:

Let it be

There is nothing more beautiful than being in love with someone and being able to be yourself, without masks or posture and your partner will thank you.


It sounds like childish advice, but this "share" encompasses everyday activities, and especially good and bad times.

If you love him, say it!

Do not stay with the desire to say it if you really mean it, we all like to hear it if it is sincerely.

Don't forget the details

From a good morning kiss, an ice cream of your favorite flavor, or remembering your favorite food. That builds a strong relationship.

Be his confidant

Remember that many times what we need is someone to trust, and there is nothing better than your partner being your best friend at the same time.

Create complicity

Share and make it part of your world, but don't forget to be part of his. You may not like everything that he likes, but remember that love is accepting.

Don't forget to be yourself

Just as important as letting it be is being yourself.

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