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The security concept must go beyond the installation of an alarm. You should start with a few steps that address all security risks in a broad sense. We advise:

1. Hiring home insurance

Hire a good insurance for your home. Your home is one of your most valuable possessions - don't take risks. Have insurance capable of dealing with unforeseen problems.

2. Hygiene

One of the most serious risk threats to home security is given by the hygiene of your home. Invest in hygieneFor example: maintenance and cleaning of air conditioning ducts, painting, periodic fumigation of hazardous spaces ... etc.

3. Security-anti-theft

Study the proposals of good specialists if you keep valuables in your home (works of art, jewelry, etc.). Today technology provides you with more resources than installing alarms. Advances in home automation can help you install highly effective intelligent surveillance systems for anti-theft and personal protection.

4.Safety against domestic accidents

Hospitals are aware of the dangers posed by the domestic environment through the many accidents that take place in a home. Investing in solving risks and preventing potential accidents of: electrical installations, fall arresters, dangerous spaces, fire-fighting equipment, safe custody of dangerous materials ... are good measures.

The concept of home security can come from many different aspects, which we will deal with in Euroresidents in greater detail. These are topics we will cover:

  • Anti-theft or anti-theft security for a house, chalet or home in general.
  • Safety tips
  • Home safety measures
  • Home security systems
  • Safety against domestic accidents

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