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I read in the Country this morning that "The municipalities drown the construction companies", threatening these to abandon garbage services contracts to the medium municipalities due to the debt, which they estimate at 3,425 million and disclosing their expectations of massive layoffs after the summer. The business of service contracts, requalifications, not to mention corruption and other variants ... analog brick ... far even from 1.0.

The municipalities and companies are receiving the sowing of many years. But the most worrying thing is the passive attitude of the central government and the governments of the autonomous communities. I would make these points:

1. No measures were taken to tackle the specific problems of the real estate sector when the first symptoms appeared. We were in full euphoria and the wisdom of the market fixed it all. However, under the same philosophy, in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, etc. Generous averages and rescue plans were arbitrated for key sectors: banking, automobile (including Spain in this case).

2. Today a sector of the "analog" brick, you do not receive clear guidance about your future possibilities. Innovation and technology in all its aspects are a pending subject: home automation, new materials, nanotechnology, environmental construction, energy saving, marketing and online commercialization ... The Spanish economy, like it or not, has become dependent on a sector in the last 15 years of low-tech construction and immigrant labor. Improvising a short alternative fabric is not realistic. In the short and medium term, the brick sector must be rehabilitated, as far as possible. In short, we need to claim a 2.0 brick.

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