What body do I have and what suits me best

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What do you think if we talk about bodies and what suits us best?

There are five body types that are divided according to their shape into: Rectangular (Highball glass), Inverted Triangle, Triangle (Pear), Apple and Hourglass.

How do I know what body I have?

You must relax the body, stand upright and adjust the clothes to the body. If you don't see it clearly, turn your back and I'm sure you see it better, (the chest confuses).

Tall glass

It is a body without curves, without waist, straight.

Sarah Jessica Parker belongs to this group. She usually uses, very correctly, dresses that fit the body and that from the waist have volume. This gives the feeling of creating a waistline. The two pieces are also very suitable, but all cut from the navel.

Inverted triangle

It is the body of an athletic woman, in which the back is wider than the waist and hips. It is a very masculine body.

An example of a woman with this body is that of Princess Charlene of Monaco, wife of Prince Albert of Monaco. According to the styles that I have seen of her, in my opinion she is not very well advised when it comes to dressing. It usually uses a lot of boat neckline and words of honor, things forbidden for this body, since they pronounce the back.

To style this body, the necklines to be used would be V-neck and flared skirts, skirts with volume (never tight skirts, as they pronounce the disproportion of the body) so that they give visual symmetry to the body. The upper part must be dark (narrow), and the lower part must be light, (increase)

Triangle (pear)

This is a type of body in which the hips are out of proportion to the rest of the body (shoulders and waist, much thinner than the butt and hips).

Women with this body are Jennifer López or Beyoncé.

Due to their proportions, they should use garments with volume and dark colors to hide this area. The recommended necklines are boat necklines and words of honor, they can be adjusted to the waist and in light colors (if you have a lot of chest, avoid white). Typical garments worn by women with these bodies are blouses or camisoles that cover the rear.


It is a body that is swollen at the top, on the other hand the legs can be thin and stylized. Not only do they not have a waist, but they also have a gut.

An example of this body is that of most of our mothers.

It is the most difficult to dress. To style this body you need to use the cuts in the garment. The most used is the one that narrows and lengthens. And if dark colors are also used for the sides, it will finish styling the body.


This is the body that any woman aspires to have. Perfect proportions between shoulders and hips and a very marked waist.

Kim Kardashian (or anyone from her clan) is a clear example of this body. I could not say the garment that best fits this body, since it is a body that could wear any dress, skirt or pants and it would be great.

I hope (and wish) that it was quite clear to you.
Any questions, you know !!

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