Alcalá de Júcar, Albacete

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Alcalá del Júcar It is made up of six nuclei: Alcalá, (706 inhabitants), Las Eras (325), Casas del Cerro (238), La Gila (73), Zulema (75) and Tolosa (27). The main activity of the inhabitants of Alcalá del Júcar is agriculture and livestock and, increasingly, rural tourism.

The cave houses of Alcalá del Júcar. The city is built on a peninsula of limestone layers typical of this area, which facilitated the construction of these unique houses that are staggered by the slope until they reach the banks of the river. At first glance, they may look like normal homes, but it turns out that the facades hide a series of caves, which are the rooms of the houses. They are houses that stay cool in summer and warm in winter.

Some caves were former shelters and can be visited. The Agraden Cave It is the best known and, according to legend, it was occupied by a Moorish king. Yes, the inhabitants of Alcalá del Júcar have built this type of house throughout history, as the polished axes found in Alcozarego show.

Gastronomy in Alcalá de Júcar

Typical Manchego dishes, such as pickled partridge, baked shoulder of suckling pig, kid with garlic, manchego gazpacho, shepherd's migas and the typical dessert of Alcalá is custard. The wine made near Alcalá del Jucar is recommended, like many other Manchego wines.

Munuments of Interest in Alcalá de Júcar

  • The Church of SanAndrés 16th century
  • The Castle, built by the Arabs
  • Main square
  • Bridge, built in the 18th century
  • Fortified cave of Garadén

Restaurants in Alcala de Jucar

An experience that visitors to Alcala del Júcar not to be missed is a meal in one of the caves inhabited as inns. Try the typical dish of this town, the sardine cakeIn one of these inns it is a delight.

Festivities of Alcalá de Júcar

The inhabitants of Alcaládel Júcar celebrate Holy Week by going out into the street in procession. Between the 8th and 15th of August the town's patron saint festivities are celebrated, in honor of San Lorenzo. During this week of festivities the traditional pilgrimage to the hermitage of San Lorenzo is celebrated.

Accommodation in Alcalá de Júcar

During the last years the possibilities of staying in this town have increased considerably, thanks to rural tourism. There are rural houses - some cave houses - that can be rented. The town also has a couple of hostels and a hotel.If you prefer to stay in a modern hotel in nearby Albacete, here are two options:

  • Los Llanos Sercotel
    Hotel in a modern and functional building located in the heart of Albacete offering fabulous views of the city. Completely renovated in 2006. It also has the restaurant "La Taberna" where you can enjoy the gastronomy of La Mancha.
  • Hotel San Jose Sercotel
    The Hotel San José is located in Albacete, two steps from the Abelardo Sánchez park.

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