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What precautions should we take with the "cold drops"? We have already talked about how to protect yourself from lightning, now we are going to give some tips to address the dangers and damages of the so-called “cold drop”. These tips are useful for rural and urban areas, since the risks of cold drops can affect them equally.

It is understood by cold drop to atmospheric disturbance that can cause exceptionally violent and intense rainfall for a few hours or days, accompanied by lightning, hail, or other atmospheric phenomena.

The cold drop exerts its action on relatively small surfaces and in addition they tend to follow quite unpredictable trajectories, causing very heavy rains and sometimes also strong winds. The amount of rain can be of such magnitude that ravines, rivers, or other floodable areas are flooded where there is no prior evidence of such risks.

Precautions, recommendations to follow with notice of Cold Drop

The authorities usually give a warning of cold drop that is usually widely disseminated in practically all the media (press, radio, TV). In the case of warning, these are the tips to follow if we are away from home:

  • Use the vehicle only in cases where it is absolutely essential and obtain information on the atmospheric situation and state of the areas before starting the trip.
  • Drive preferably on the main road and motorway network. They generally offer greater guarantees and, if there are problems, means of help or assistance are usually deployed quickly.
  • Get away from the banks of rivers and ravines (no camping or doing activities) and don't stay on bridges. In the case of dry ravines, the risks can be extremely dangerous since sometimes their channels have been altered or are unrecognizable, producing important unexpected floods of water.
  • Never try to cross a flooded place or a bridge that offers doubts about its resistance.
  • Follow the advice on how to protect yourself from lightning.

Tips to follow at home with a cold drop warning

Damage to homes and other buildings is increasingly common due to the actions derived from cold drops. There are a number of preventive measures that should be taken into consideration. These are our tips:

  • If there are damaged parts of the house that are vulnerable (roofs, etc.) be sure to finish them quickly and not leave them without repair. Some cold drop warnings may not give you time to complete repairs.
  • Close windows tightly, fold awnings (wind and rain can cause added hazards), check all drains and make sure they are not clogged by weeds, branches or other obstacles. Pay attention to balconies or other surfaces that can be easily obstructed.
  • Do not leave valuables in basements or lower parts of the house (cars, furniture, objects etc.) especially in those cases that due to their situation can flood with relative ease.
  • Be prepared for possible power outages. Keep lanterns, candles, and other sources of energy on hand to be able to attend to contingencies in the event of a prolonged power outage. Keep a mobile phone handy and charged with sufficient battery (save emergency phones in memory). It is also not a bad idea to prepare a radio that works with batteries.
  • Consider the possibility of a home insurance that covers you for this type of damage, especially if your home is vulnerable due to its specific location to the damages of cold drops.

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