If you want to be healthier you should ask yourself these 4 questions daily

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Stay in shape: An easy habit to create (if you know how)

Success is not the result of a great action at a certain time. Your success (or lack thereof) comes down to your daily habits and decisions.

ANDit is precisely those daily decisions that create lasting change in your life.Here are 4 questions that you can - should - ask yourself every day to stay in shape:

1. What decisions will I make today to be healthier?

Every day we make dozens of decisions that have a direct impact on our health. Start by paying attention to all those decisions.

Some examples: Do you exercise regularly? Have you added any kind of exercise lately? Say no to unhealthy food from co-workers?

Do you plan the amount of fruit and vegetables that you will eat per week? How do you structure your day to be able to sleep at least 7 hours? Can you avoid eating fast food?

Quiet! Don't be overwhelmed thinking of so many things. It all adds up. You can introduce these small changes gradually.

2. What excuses do I need to get rid of?

Do you blame stress for your excess weight? Lack of time? The weather? A partner who doesn't want to exercise? Every time you blame someone or something you are not taking 100% responsibility for your life.

Once you decide to take full control of your life, you can start to change it in a positive direction. Maybe your problem is that you procrastinate, avoid, or aren't really motivated.

You just have to choose a behavior that you think is holding you back and decide how you are going to change it.. Today.

3. What habit should I focus on today?

Identify a habit that you want to focus on and stick with it. You can track your weight, the food you eat, the exercise you do a week.

You can keep track of your goals, your progress and results. Pick one at a time and stick with it until it becomes a habit. I recommend that you choose one per month.

4. What is my WHAT FOR?

You must find the meaning of doing what you do. What do you want to be healthy and fit for? What motivates you?

We are all motivated by different things. And whatever that meaning, you must find it to fuel your motivation.

Stick it in a visible place to read it every day. Your results are a combination of your daily decisions, so what options will you make today to improve your tomorrow?

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