Ideas to decorate the door on Halloween

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Easy and fun ideas to decorate your front door on Halloween

Halloween is a great party to give free rein to our imagination and with very few materials and without spending a lot of money we can decorate the house.

At home there are small children so our Halloween decorations have monsters, skeletons, spiders, bats and ghosts but they are all very cute.

Some ideas and inspiration for decorated Halloween doors:



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You can make very attractive decorations with materials as simple and inexpensive as paper or eva rubber.

You can decorate the door of the house or the one of the children's rooms with monster facescan you make a door mummy, or a monster door with pointed teeth and a piercing gaze. You can also choose to use an image or silhouette of witches or bats in black.

If you want something more elegant you can put crownsMake the shape of the crown out of cardboard or with cork and then decorate with leaves, pinecones, artificial spider webs (you find them in many multi-price stores) and complement with a spider or bat cut out of paper or eva rubber.


To decorate the Halloween door with the face of Frankestein we haveused:

  • Thick white paper
  • Permanent black marker
  • Scissors
  • Green gift paper (it was the one we had at home but you can use cardboard or foam in green)
  • Black card
  • Duct tape or double-sided tape

How to make Frankestein's decorated door for Halloween step by step:

1. Draw a round shape on the white paper and cut out, then paint the black of the eyes
2. Measure the door and cut a piece of the green paper to make the upper part of the head, cut straight at the top and at the bottom, cut irregularly and with tips to shape the hair, then with the black marker mark the outline and draw lines simulating hair.
3. Cut out a couple of black cardboard rectangles for the eyebrows and another rectangle for the mouth
4. Now with black cardboard and white paper make the scars
5. To finish you can put a couple of teeth and give it a silly air that my son says

As we did not have double-sided tape, to go gluing the different parts we have used normal adhesive tape. Cut a piece of adhesive tape, roll it over itself and you already have tape that sticks on both sides, now you have to place the different pieces on the door.

We have put the decoration inside because if not the children spend their time wanting to go out to the stairs to see the monster and it is not a plan to be all the time with the door open and with the danger of the stairs.

Happy Halloween!!

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