Alliance between Google and eBay

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According to an article in The Guardian, Google and eBay have signed an agreement that allows Google to be the sole provider of ads on all eBay sites outside of the United States. Both companies aim to create a new generation of Internet advertising that is more sophisticated and tailored to each client.

According to the signed agreement, Google will use its search technology to create new relevant ad links. To make this new form of advertising even more attractive, Google and eBay will collaborate to create a “click-to-call” environment that will allow eBay bidders to speak with a single click directly with product sellers. This will be possible by merging two key resources: eBay's Internet phone service, Skype, and Google Talk.

According to the statements of Nikesh Now, Director of Google in Europe, collected by The Guardian, "We believe that the future of the Internet space will depend on large alliances formed by companies that share the same philosophy." Nikesh Now said that Google intends to develop new ways of communicating with its customers and find new ways to “monetize” (capitalize on) Internet advertising.

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