Cryolipolysis, what is it, what does it do and who should try it?

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A treatment capable of making the accumulations of fat disappear from your body, painlessly and permanently? Where to sign?

We have all heard about liposuction, cavitation, mesotherapy ... and a million other treatments, whose purpose is to remove excess fat, and restore the confidence and tranquility of being able to show our bodies without any shame.

But what is it cryolipolysis?
Cryolipolysis or "coolsculpting" is a dermatological treatment, developed by scientists at the Massachusetts Hospital (USA) and Harvard University, which is performed through a machine that removes the adipocyte permanently, by freezing.

¿What difference does cryolipolysis of the other aesthetic-dermatological treatments?
The rest of the treatments that exist in the world, dissolve the fat of the adipocyte and eliminate it, but do not destroy it. So over time, unsightly clumps of fat reappear.
Cryolipolysis, along with liposuction, are the only 100% effective treatments. What differentiates them is that the first, painless, non-invasive and gradual, something very convenient for your skin.

¿What does it consist of the treatment?
After identifying the areas to be treated with the specialist, she will apply an antifreeze gel, so that your skin does not suffer any damage, to later adapt the plates.
Once fixed with a girdle, so that they do not move an inch, the machine begins to cool. Temperatures range between 4ºC and -10ºC, depending on the area and the patient's problem, and the time per session is about 50 minutes.
You do not need surgeries or anesthesia and does not require punctures of any kind.

¿How many sessions They are necessary?
Between 2 and 3. You cannot do more than 3, but it is not necessary.
The spaces between session and session are between 30-45 days and the results begin to be noticed from the second week.

¿It feels?
Basically cold.
Consequently, after the session, the area is numb and red, but in no case do you feel pain.

¿Who should do it?
This treatment is not intended for obese or overweight people. It is a treatment designed to eliminate localized body fat.
That is, anyone who wants to 'sculpt' their body.

¿Which zones can they be treated?
Starting with the arms, passing through the abdomen, the high hips, the back, and the cartridge belts.

¿What are the results?
In each person, according to their body and skin type, the results are one or the other.
What is proven is that works. And it is final.

¿It is necessary to combine it with something else?
As they say, the more sugar the sweeter.
In the aesthetic center, they will advise you to follow a alkaline diet, and that you increase your water consumption to 8 glasses of water up to date. The water thing is for you to remove the bad fat from the pee.
You will also need to make yourself draining massages, so that it is easier for you to eliminate, in addition to helping your skin not become saggy, or stretch marks appear due to weight loss.
If in your city there were any centers that do ‘wood therapy’, the most optimal thing would be for you to try it.

¿How much?
On the Internet I have read about the € 500 session, and there are three ...
I go to a center near my house, which the session costs about € 160, but with the bonus that they force you to pay for 3 sessions, they are about € 400 in total

Any question or doubt, I hope I can help you

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