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Isaac male name of Hebrew origin "Yishaq'el", whose meaning is "The one with whom God will laugh"or"The one that will make you laugh", alluding to the words spoken by his mother"God has made me laugh and everyone who hears it will laugh".

History and the Saint

Isaac, second patriarch of the holy scriptures, son of Abraham and Sara, father of Jacob and Esau. The child of the promise made by God, born after many years are offspring and heir of the Covenant. Isaac is considered the forerunner of Christ and of the Church; and represents the tribes that came together (Hebrews and Idumeas) to form the Hebrew confederation and obey God "Yahweh".

Variant of Isaac

Isaac in other languages:

  • Catalan: Isaac.
  • French and English: Isaac.
  • Italian: Isacco.

Famous, famous historical figures by the name of Isaac

  • IsaacAlbéniz, was born in Camprodon, Girona in 1860, a composer noted for his works for piano in a modern musical language, considered one of the most relevant composers of the nineteenth century.
  • Isaac NewtonHe grew up in Woolsthorpe, Lincilnshire, England in the year 1642. One of the greatest scientists of mankind, his research, discoveries and theories have served as the basis for the development and advancement of science down to our era. He developed mathematical calculus, solved problems related to light and optics, established laws of motion as well as theories of universal gravitation.
  • Isaac Merrit Singer, Pittstown, New York was born in 1811, creator of the world famous sewing machine.

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