Meaning of name Cecilia

Cecilia,female name of Latin origin "Caecilla", its meaning is"The one who is shortsighted"

History and the Saint

Saint Cecilia, virgin, martyr. Born in Rome in 177; in a noble family; from a very young age she is engaged in marriage by her parents with the young Valeriano; but Cecilia had taken a vow of chastity. According to the legend, Cecilia saw her guardian angel; meets with Valerian and tells him that if he wants to see the angel of God he must become a Christian. Este is baptized together with his brother Tiburcio by Pope Urban. Faithful to their faith, they bury the corpses of Christians, a task forbidden by the mayor of Rome; found disobeying orders are flogged and then killed. Later Cecilia is arrested and persuaded of her faith, but she firm in her convictions prefers to die. His relics are in the crypt of the Church of Santa Cecilia in Rome since 821.
Patron of music, as the legend attributed the song of God in the heart. Her saint is celebrated on November 22.

Other Santas Cecilia: Saint Cecilia, martyr is celebrated on April 16; Saint Cecilia, abbess on August 17 and Saint Cecilia Butsi, martyr on December 26.

Variant of Cecilia

Cecilia female variant of Cecilio;diminutive: Cecy, Cecia

Cecilia in other languages:

  • Catalan: Cecília;
  • French: Cécile, Cécilie;
  • English: Cecily;
  • Italian: Cecilia.

Famous people, famous historical figures by the name of Cecilia:

  • Cecilia Bohl from Faber, was born in Mirges, Switzerland in the year 1796; 19th century Spanish novelist; popularly known with the pseudonym Fernán Caballero.

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