Meaning of Lía name

Bundle feminine name of Hebrew origin "leah", its meaning is "That one is tired"or"The one who is languid".

History and the Saint

Lia, Laban's eldest daughter. First daughter Laban grants to Jacob as a wife (Before his sister Rachel whom Jacob wanted and for whom he had served Laban for 7 years). God granted them 7 children, 6 of them were boys; the third Levi with his brother Simeon They carry out the slaughter of the Canaanites of Shechem for revenge and protection of the honor of their sister Dian.

His name day is celebrated on June 1.

Variant of Lía

Bundle variants Read or Lya.

Bundle in other languages:

  • Catalan: Lia.
  • German, French and Italian: Lia.

Famous people, famous historical figures by the name of Lía

  • Bundle, song from the first album ‘Much more than two’, by Ana Belén and Víctor Manuel.

Video: Lia Marie Johnson - DNA Official Video

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