Meaning of dreaming about water

Water represents the state of mind of people

Calm waters: They mean that good times are coming and that you are at peace with your spirituality. Indicates serenity, rejuvenation and self-acceptance. If they are clean and pure, we hope to achieve success and acceptance from our fellow men.

If the water is rough or dirty, caution is advised: You should reconsider your decisions and not get caught up in your negative emotions. You may need to find time to clear your mind and find inner peace.

If in your dream you are immersed in cloudy water: It means that you are overwhelmed by a situation or by your emotions. If you dream that there is a flood, it means that you are facing difficult struggles and emotions.

Dreaming of water in manageable quantities or in controlled environments: (a lake, a swimming pool, a bathtub, a river that can be crossed without problems ...) It implies fertility and renewal.

If you dream that you are calmly on a boat: It means that you are taking a break. Maybe a gap year. Or maybe you should have one. Your mind may be asking for it.

If you dream that you are walking on water: It means that you will be able to overcome the problems that arise.

If you dream that the water is stagnant and smells rotten: It means that you are going to be tricked into fighting with someone.

If in your dream you are sinking in water: It means that he will be ignored by a superior and in a humiliating and arrogant way.

If you dream that you see water boil: It bodes well and announces your luck in gambling and gambling.

These same meanings can be qualified with the introduction of a river, a lake, the sea, a shipwreck, etc ... Also in our Dictionary

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