Publications on the information society

Some companies take care of their study services and carry out publications that on the subject of society that, outside the network, are characterized by poor and scarce dissemination. It is fair to value this effort.

The Auna Foundation is an exception. His publications are of the highest interest and of a quality worthy of the highest praise. Its Annual Report on the Development of the Information Society in Spain is the benchmark in this type of information, its Collection - Library one of the most interesting when it comes to addressing the substance issues related to the Internet and, finally, the Analysis and Prospective Notes that address topics such as:

  • Voice over IP: towards convergence
  • China: the new colossus of the Information Society
  • The future of payment for content
  • New EU members in the Information Society
  • The Challenges of Broadband

Among other titles…. Let the example spread.

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