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One neighbor says to another: - Consuelo, weren't you sick? Consuelo says: - Because what you say?
- But Consuelo, if you visit a doctor from your house.
- That's nothing, because I saw a general come out of yours, and we are not at war.

The jealous husband: -Confess, Who do you love more, the dog or me? -How heavy! I have told you a thousand times that both of us are the same.

Listen Elisa, tell your son to stop imitating me.
Fair! Stop being the idiot!

Why do hurricanes mostly have women's names? Because when they leave, they take the car home, and your money.

What is the name of the woman who always knows where her husband is? Widow.

Why do women spend their whole lives drinking water? Because 99% of their problems are solved by crying.

What is the month when women speak less? February, because it only has 28 days.

What is behind an intelligent woman? Three million men surprised.

Why didn't the woman reach the moon? Because she hasn't finished sweeping the earth yet.

What do you have to do to make a woman start teasing you?

What is the worst enemy of women? The mirror.

What is a woman doing outside the kitchen? Explore new worlds.

Do you know what is the similarity between a woman and a computer? In that they do not have a brain but, oh what memory they have.

Why do women take so long to get ready and are always late? Because the best always comes last.

Why do women wear high shoes? Because they want to be at the height of men.

Daddy, where is Africa? Ask your mother who is the one who keeps everything.

There was a woman so skinny, but so skinny, that when she ate a chickpea she thought she was pregnant.

When do women have two NEURONS? When they are pregnant.

What is a plane doing throwing women into the air? Polluted the environment.

Why do women wear stockings? Because they only serve to screw up.

That you are not wearing your wedding ring on the wrong finger?
Sure enough, I married the wrong man!

Does a woman say to another? - Consuelo, you weren't sick!; - Consuelo says: because you say so!; - But Consuelo, if I saw a doctor leave your house; - That's nothing because I saw a general leave yours and we are not in gerra. (GermanFigueras)

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