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What does it mean to dream of defecating or playing with excrement?

If you dream of defecating or pooping or going to the bathroom

It announces difficulties, fights with the family or professional lawsuits, financial difficulties and problems with pending debts.

It can also mean great loneliness and misunderstanding on the part of those close to you.

Dreaming that you are defecating or pooping on someone

It means that you feel mania for that person.

If you dream that someone is defecating or pooping on yourself

It means that you are ashamed of yourself. You sure have a lack of self-esteem.

Dreaming of wanting to defecate

o Dreaming of wanting to poop o Dreaming of wanting to go to the bathroom.

If you dream that you have diarrhea

It means that a part of your life (if not all) is out of control and you cannot control your emotions. At the same time, it can indicate a need to change something in your life in a quick and radical way. It could also indicate that you have not analyzed your situation well enough or that you do not want to continue with that problem and want to eradicate it.

Dreaming that you are constipated

It means, it means that you feel uncomfortable or disagree with a part of yourself or you prefer to live in your past. He continues to cling to his past and wants to let it go, because he does not want to forget. He must be living the problems of the past, with all the difficulties that this entails.

If you dream that you see excrement or that you are in contact with them

They mean negative or dirty aspects of your life and that for which you feel undesirable or repulsive. You need to know and express these feelings, even if you feel ashamed. You must accept the negative part, which is in you, in order to eliminate it. It could also simply be someone who suffers from constipation and that is why in their dreams, it is reflected in them.

Dreaming of excrement that you want to get rid of and cannot

It means that you are not letting your emotions out. You have a tendency not to express or show your feelings.

Dreaming about playing with excrement

According to Freud, excrements are related to possessing, pride, shame, money and financial issues, aggressiveness. So dreaming, that you are playing with excrement, symbolizes your anxiety about financial issues and your safety in life.

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