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The famous Cordovan jokes from Córdoba (Argentina) are one of the mainstays of Argentine jokes.

Uncordobes on top of a fig tree, and another who passes by asks him ...
-CheCordobes !!! What am I doing up there ...?
- I'm eating tangerines ...
- But if that's a fig tree ..
- And what does it matter to me, if I bring the mandarins in my bag ...

-Uncle, can I sell you a watch?
-What brand?
-And what did I want me to dial --- Ugh !!!, L'Hora .... Uncle

Papaque is further away Cordoba or the Moon?
You see from here Cordoba, "piltrafilla". (F.C.M)

- A corobes goes to the warehouse, do you have 5-liter wine? - Yes, I do. Did you bring the container? - Yes, he's talking to him

A vendor from Cordoba in the bus: - SELLING PRESTOBARBA ... SELLING PRESTOBARBA!
- Che, guaso, do you sell it or loan it?

In La Calera (town of the Sierras de Córdoba, Argentina). - Crazy Che, I'm getting married.
- Yes? With whom? - With Rosita (Laughing): - With Rosita? But if Rosita was knocked down half Calera!
- Bahhh ...... For how big Calera is ...

A vague Cordoba goes to the police station and says to the commissioner: - Commissioner: Arrest me IA!
- But why? - It's just that I've been pulling my boss's skin.- But that's not a crime.
- How not? I have taken it out with a knife!

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