19 Beautiful photos of the countryside and nature (… capturing the rural soul)

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An important step to revalue the countryside is that urbanites, when they visit it, capture its beauty, the soul that is in every detail of nature and that in rural areas is fully expressed.

If you are going to the countryside next weekend, why not take your camera and capture its hills, flowers, and scenery?

These 20 best examples of rural photography will whet your appetite:

1. Rainbow fertilizing the earth

2. Poppies, simple poppies ...

3. The privacy of the forest

4. Inhabitants of the prairie (Horses in freedom)

5. That lonely house that had set up a landscape

6. Heaven and earth never spoke so clearly

7. The rural aristocracy can present themselves at any time

8. I feel special in such a special place

9. A handful of sun in the countryside ...

10. Those flowers that flooded my sight, fed my spirit ...

11. That Margarita is unique, special ...

12. That smell of earth and nature

13. It seemed to me that nature had conspired to enchant me

14. An intruder in the country honeys, so unreal

15. Daily routines

16. Camouflage?

17. More peaceful inhabitants placidly

18. Those bovine extraterrestrials definitely exist

19. How disturbing

Some photos are selected at Ephotozine.com

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