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Fowey is an absolutely charming coastal town. To see its exact location and phone numbers, consult Google Map with Fowey Restaurants.

This is our selection of Restaurants in Fowey:

  • Q Restaurant (from the Old Quay House Hotel). Extraordinary views from the terrace and excellent cuisine based on local specialties, especially fish. His style is Europeanizing with Italian touches and roots in the Cornwall area. Additional Information:
    • See Q Restaurant on Google Maps
    • Q website
    • Q review in The Guardian
  • Natthan Outlaw Restaurant (Marina Hotel) its chef, of the same name, achieved a Michelin star in his previous restaurants and most of the bets are that he will get it back here. Superb views, magnificent presentation of the dishes, excellent signature cuisine. Expensive for dinner and more acceptable prices for lunch.
    • See Natthan Outlaw Restaurant on Google Maps
    • Natthan Outlaw website
    • Natthan Outlaw Review in The Guardian
  • Fowey Hall; Spectacular restaurant, excellent food, service and presentation. Superb lunch and family on the terrace, good quality / price ratio. Classic style in English cuisine. Special attention to children. Elegant and sophisticated in the evenings. Chef Glynn Wellington.
    • See Fowey Hall Restaurant on Google Maps
    • Fowey Hall website
  • Fowey Hotel. Attention preferring to fish. Splendid views from the bar, terrace and restaurant. “2AA rosettes, lunch is reasonably priced, dinner tends to be a bit expensive. Chef Mark Griffiths.
    • See Fowey Hotel Restaurant on Google Maps
    • Fowey Hotel Website
  • Food for thought. Martin and Caroline Billingsley brilliantly run a restaurant in the Town Quay area, with a modern execution of fish cuisine. In a 17th century building, with excellent cuisine, service and presentation.
    • See Food for thought Restaurant in Google Maps
  • Sam’s Bistro. Fresh produce and local cuisine, bright atmosphere, musical setting. Reservations are not accepted. You get to the bar and wait your turn. It is not a proper restaurant, although for all intents and purposes it is.
    • See Sam´s Bistro Restaurant in Google Maps
    • Restaurant website Sam’s Bistro.
    • Pictures of Sam’s Bistro.

To see the phone numbers of the restaurants see our Google Map with Fowey Restaurants.

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