Risk management of nanoparticles

SAFENANO launches a research project for risk management of nanoparticles

SAFENANO and the Institute of Occupational Medicine (IOM) are proud to announce the official launch of the European research project MARINA (MAnaging RIsks of NAnoparticles).

Led by Dr. MARINA, it will focus on the four core themes of the ENM risk management paradigm: materials, exposure, hazard, and risk.

The methods developed by MARINA will be: (i) based on a more than avant-garde understanding of the properties, interaction and fate of ENM in relation to human health and the quality of the environment; and (ii) they will be developed from scratch or adapted from existing ones but, finally, they will be compared / validated and harmonized / standardized as reference methods for managing the risks of ENMs.

MARINA will develop a strategy for risk management, including control systems and measures to minimize massive exposure due to an explosion or environmental spill.

With a global consortium of 47 partners, the project is one of the largest in its area. The project will be officially launched in conjunction with the FP7 NANOVALID project, at a meeting that will take place in Rome later this month.

More information about MARINA can be found at: http://www.marina-fp7.eu/

Source: http://www.azonano.com/news.aspx?newsID=23729

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