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They come to be relatives of Sexist jokes although in this broader section there are many more possibilities. Anyway, it is not very well known what kind of jokes fit here.
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Athanasius decides to give his wife a beautiful diamond ring for Christmas, his friends ask him: - Didn't your wife want one of those four-wheel drive sports cars?"Yes, it is true, says Athanasius; - But where the hell was he going to find a fake racing porch?

In a newspaper ad it said: Invisible man seeks transparent woman to do things never seen before.

Dad, dad, do men go to hell? Singles when they die, but married people pay in advance.

A man was in the street with a sign that said, "Long live my mother-in-law ..." And on the other side the sign said, "But long live far away!"

Three men are captured by a tribe and told that if the three together measure 2M penis, they would let go. So one takes out 1M, another 99CM, and another 1CM. When they are released ...
The first says: - "If it doesn't get to be my penis meter…!the other:- if it doesn't get to be for my 99CM and the third:
- if it doesn't get to be because it was steep

Sink the Queen Elizabeth. The captain tells the sailor: - Come on, break the window, and let's take off in a lifeboat.- But, captain, there are still women on board.- Yeah, man, it's me now.

Look, Romualdo, a woman with a mustache! - Shut up, idiot, that's my mother. -You have to see how well it looks, man.

Two friends: What do you think of women when they have sex with us; They do it for love or interest? - Mine does it for love ... - How are you so sure? - Because what is interest, it does not put any.

There was a man so unlucky, but so unlucky, that he jumped into the water and was full.

A man walks into a bakery, and asks: Give me a loaf of bread, and if he has eggs a dozen. And he left with twelve loaves of bread ...

How are men like socks? In that they only serve to screw up.

Why can't fortune tellers have children ???? .. Because they have critical balls (Yureck)

- The best medicine for man's ills is love. - What if it doesn't work? - Double the dose. (Alex Kyselov)

In a divorce ... A friend asks the divorced person ... Hey, how did the divorce go? ... And your children? ...!
Well, more or less - he answers-, notice that I had stayed with my wife that the children would stay with the one who would receive more money ... and what do you think ??? Well, they stayed with the Lawyer .. !! (Victor)

These are 3 men in a bar having a beer and the bartender asks one of them how is your wife? How is he?
- is that mine has gone to see the movie of the 101 dalmatians (Ade)

How is a man like a Christmas tree? In that they hold balls to decorate. (Makarena)

How is a tree like a man? In that they both shade the bird (Makarena)

If men are masculine, are women? MALE (Makarena)

They are all in a bar talking, drinking ... and suddenly one of them gets up and says: Attention !!! from half the bar to there you are all assholes, and the other half subnormal !!! Then, one says: Hey sir, what I am not subnormal !!! To which the other one answers: well, shoot asshole !!! (Fernando)

Tell one man to another: - what do you choose scare or death? - scare-bu- hala, what scare! - to have chosen death. (Alvaro Sanz)

A parent asks the other: did you make love to your wife, before or after marriage? And he answers, I did it later and your friend? I did it to him before but I didn't know that he was going to marry you ... (Karlos)

Why is man man, and cockroach is cockroach? Because the cockroach chose first. (Eduardo)

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