Pig or Wild Boar 2013

The snake's year begins February 10th. For the Pig it will not be the easiest year of their life. To be honest, they may be taken aback by the dishonest and treacherous way the year went by. They will have to stay alert and keep all their intelligence on point to be up to the task.

The most important thing for the Pigs in this year 2013 will be the relationships. What the Pigs normally do is take all their relationships to their personal terrain and this year they can turn into something negative, since they could arouse jealousy and envy, which would generate negative energies towards you. They may have problems in their love life. During the Year of the Snake, the Pigs must be respected, honorable and be careful with the intrigues in which they can be involved. Luckily they have a deep understanding of human nature and they know how to see people coming and how to treat them. In short, a socially complex year.

Social life for the Pig it is very important. The best months will be March, April, December and January. Despite having a good time, 2013 will be a year in which they must be careful. They will suffer some memory lapses or gaffes, which can make them look bad and put them in an unnecessary bind. Be cautious and aware at all times of your friends and the people around you.

As to his family life, they must dedicate time to them. They must empathize with them, share activities and value them in their fair measure. Different points of view and controversies will arise, but it is best to speak it on the ground, to clarify it quickly. They will make some good trips and also various getaways with their loved ones. Changes of air will do them good. They will allow you to relax, have fun, and gain perspective on your life.

The year will pass at a moderate pace. It is convenient that they are not too enthusiastic about a topic, that they have it in motion, because problems could arise or there could be hidden problems, that they catch you by surprise. The year is going to be full of setbacks, but if they are resolved as they appear, you can move forward with your initial plans. Despite everything, they will find good times to enjoy.
Your love life if you have a partner, It demands care, dedication and patience. Share time together and enjoy. If a new love appears, take the time to get to know that person deeply before making serious decisions. Do not get any false illusions or you will be disappointed.

To gain new knowledge and improve, Pigs must set aside time to their personal and intellectual growth. To improve their quality of life, they must follow a proper diet and exercise.
As soon as to work, the Serpent is going to bring significant changes. The Pigs are going to have a lot of work and challenges to face. It will be a year of working very seriously and facing great responsibilities, but by making an effort you will show your great ability, your knowledge and your professional solidity. The result will be that even if it is a year of hard work, the Pigs will face it with determination and it will be positive. They will earn the admiration of others.

Most will continue in their current company, but those who change or look for a new job, there are interesting opportunities for them. With the change they will get courses in new subjects, do internships and recycle. Either way, it will be a very good change. The best months: April, May, July and October.

Careful with the finances. There will be many unforeseen expenses that you will have to face. Do not spend, save, be proactive, make a good annual budget if you do not want to have problems with paying taxes. It is a year in which you should avoid taking risks and rushing.

As summary To say that the labor issue will bring out the best in each one, which requires a lot of effort. Beware of blunders and forgetfulness in social life, because it can cause problems. Always be alert and vigilant. They will accumulate much experience during 2013, which will be able to reap the fruits in the following year of the Horse.

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