Electric skirt

An LED-dotted skirt makes a bright fashion statement

Now, fashionistas have a simple way to show how difficult it is to find a place: they can put on a fabric dotted with LEDs that lights up by their own movements.

The Sp4rkl3 skirt, developed by REMHI Post and colleagues at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, contains simple circuits in alternating layers of nylon and Teflon. When a certain amount accumulates, the circuit is discharged by turning on the LEDs (Personal and Ubiquitous Computing, DOI: 10.1007 / s00779-010-0313-9).

Post says his team's goal is to create clothing that can power a personal computing device by simply harnessing the energy of the wearer's movements.

Source: New Scientist

Video: Short Skirt. Long Jacket

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