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Term related to Molecular manufacturing, Assembly machines, Assembler, micro-machines, mini-machines, quantum machines, nanobots ...

Nanomachines: Nanotechnology tries to minimize manufacturing with potential savings in costs, raw materials, energy, etc. Hence a new generation of machines appears according to their atoms. Some of this new generation of machines will have a great potential impact in relation to health, disease prevention, etc.

It is a mere futuristic field of research subject to the construction of an "Assembler", that is, a construction machine that manipulates and builds with individual atoms or molecules. One of the first challenges in long-term nanotechnology research is the replication of a reprogrammable assembler itself. This would be a device that can make a complete copy of itself from given raw materials and energy. A complex architecture, but not impossible to achieve for nanoscience from a theoretical perspective (MIT points out one way: Nano-printing Lithography -NanoimprintLithography-).

After making a sufficient number of assemblers available, the first nanomachines or micromachines would be reprogrammed to produce something more useful. In science fiction literature (Michael Crichton and his book: Dam), such assemblers have been called "compilers of matter."

Nature is abundant in this type of assemblers: bacteria, which can be reprogrammed to perform some types of genetic engineering tasks.

Some progress has been made in this area, where researchers have inserted genes for a particular protein into bacteria. One of the first examples of this is the immune system hormone interferon.

Nanomachines would constitute, according to experts, a second industrial revolution for humanity and the conception of a very different life and in a very different environment (future city). The social, business and political implications would be far-reaching. All this without mentioning other effects of lananotec related to military or defense matters in general. The "nano" would open the door to potential risks or dangers of an unknown entity. In any case, it is interesting to underline its significance for nanoscience as a giant leap in its multiple applications for the benefit of humanity.

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