How to clean stains on marble

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Homemade paste (DIY) to clean stains on marble

A marble countertop in the bathroom or kitchen can be stained from any incident, as time goes on. Stains sometimes look very bad but the truth is that they are quite easy to remove.

To clean the stain on the marble we will need:

  • Water and Bicarbonate of soda or hydrogen peroxide (if the marble is not dark in color).

To remove the stain with water and baking soda, follow these steps:

  • To clean the stains on the marble, we are going to use a homemade paste that works wonders and only needs baking soda and water.
  • To make the paste we have to mix the baking soda with water and mix until the mixture has a consistency similar to that of peanut butter.
  • When we have the paste made, we must spread it over the marble stain, leaving a little thickness (not too much).
  • Once we have covered the stain completely with the paste, we cover it with plastic wrap (the typical kitchen plastic roll) and fasten the edges to the marble with adhesive tape (if we do not have it, it is not a problem because the plastic wrap is already enough sticky itself).
  • Once the plastic wrap is fixed, we will let it rest for 24 hours for the paste to take effect.
  • After 24 hours, we will remove the plastic wrap and clean the paste with a wet cloth. If there is still part of the stain, we will repeat the process.

If the marble is not dark, we can also use hydrogen peroxide (instead of the baking soda and water paste). The problem with hydrogen peroxide is that we must be careful with it as it can discolor the marble. That is why we will only use it on light colored marbles and not on dark marbles.

To remove the stain with hydrogen peroxide we will do the following:

  • First we will pour a little hydrogen peroxide on the stain.
  • Once the stain is covered by the hydrogen peroxide, we will cover it with plastic wrap (as we did with the paste in the previous section) and we will let it be there for 24 hours.
  • After 24 hours we will lift the piece of plastic wrap and clean the stained area by rubbing with a wet cloth.
  • If the stain has not been completely removed, we will repeat the process, but carefully, since hydrogen peroxide can discolor the marble.

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