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India is an immense country and one that has more and more followers to travel and enjoy it in all its extension and diversity. Its population of more than one billion inhabitants, its economic strength -India is the world's leading power in software export-, and the tourist and commercial interest, have been favored by the rapid development of cheap flight companies.

Cheap flights in India "eat up" traditional airlines. According to The Times of India, four low-cost airlines absorb almost a third of air traffic.

Cheap flight airlines in India:

  • Air Deccan,
  • Kingfisher Airlines,
  • SpiceJet
  • GoAir

We would add Virgin Atlantic for the long haul (from London), a company that has recently been offering advantageous offers. See Cheap Flights to India from Virgin.
These five companies should be consulted when thinking about going to India or moving around the vast territory of India if you want cheap flights. Own The India Times, has a search engine for cheap hotels and flights: Travel-Indiatimes, although we recommend visiting the sites of the companies indicated above.Finally, do not forget to consult our tips for traveling to India.

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