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Here are the top 10 restaurants in the UK according to Matthew Fort:

  • Le Gavroche: For 40 years, Le Gavroche has maintained standards of service and cuisine that very few restaurants in the country can offer. Its interior has a classic and somewhat pompous design, but without being snobbish and the kitchen a perfect balance of classicism and inventiveness.
  • Locanda Locatelli: Giorgio Locatelli is a chef with a star, capable of using ingredients from his mother's country and, combining them with his background acquired in France and England, transforming them into something new, without losing the essence of the original. Softly retro design and adorable service, with an extensive wine list.
  • BenaresThere are a whole host of Indian restaurants in London and Benares tops the list. In it, Atul Kochar runs the kitchen and his food is seasoned in a subtle, intelligent and explosive way.
  • Hakkasan: Years after it opened, it remains the sexiest restaurant in London. However, its glory is not based on its tight urban design, but on its cuisine that has always been well above that of other Chinese restaurants in the country.
  • Sushi-hiro- It has the best sushi in London served in a tiny minimalist room. He is attended by Mr. Shimagage and his wife with a strict discipline regarding schedules that does not allow exceptions. The price is very reasonable.
  • The Fat Duck: It is the most famous restaurant in Great Britain and continually sneaks into the top 5 of the best restaurants in the world. The dishes of its husband and owner, Heston Blumenthal, are nothing like those of any other chef on the planet, although their roots draw from French haute cuisine.
  • The Three FishesWhen someone tells you there is no traditional British meal, send them to The Three Fishes, a rural steakhouse where you will see family parties, children running around, people reading the newspaper while eating ... A cool place with lovely service and great food: beef tongue, pickled beet, molasses rib, Manchester pie, etc. Beer is good too.
  • Le Champignon Sauvage: It has always been a family restaurant, French style. Mr. Everitt-Matthias cooks and his wife tends the tables. With more than 15 years of history, it stands out not only for the quality of its ingredients, but for the evolution of its cuisine, by absorbing new ideas without losing the sense of its personal vision. It has two Michelin stars.
  • Andrew Fairlie at Gleneagles: With an important past having even hosted G8 summits, Andrew Fairlie's restaurant combines Scotland with French cuisine. To do this, he uses ingredients that the Scots used to export abroad instead of in their own cuisine: lobster, scallops, salmon, venison and wild mushrooms; basic elements in the modern luxury kitchen.
  • Tyddyn llan- Restaurant with rooms, where you can enjoy a tremendous meal and then walk upstairs and sleep until dinner time. The other option is to stroll through the beautiful surrounding hills and valleys to work up an appetite. In any case, be prepared for Bryan Webb's home cooking, powerful and stylish, making the most of the nature of its raw material. Mrs. Webb runs the room with strength and charm.

    Source: The Guardian Travel

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