Inheritances from Other Past Lives

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Where do our fears and phobias come from?

The inheritance of past lives has a huge influence. Whether you believe in reincarnation or not, it exists and the memories of our experiences lived in other past livesThey endure in our soul, in the memory of our genes and mark us for life. When I say "for life", I mean future lives. This life and the future reincarnations that we live.

The truth is that our phobias, our inexplicable fears, our incomprehensible insecurities ... They are the mark, which they have left our other past lives in our subconscious and that we have to face today.Have the feeling of having already lived a situation, when he has never experienced anything like it. It sure is because your subconscious, yes remember similar situations.

It is a very curious and very interesting subject, which when reading it, lets us intuit that this is so and not otherwise. The Karma It is something pending that we must face and that we go down to the World, to face it and overcome it. Normally, nobody goes down alone. Several agree spiritual companions, to go down to do their homework and thus help each other when they meet. Some of us are old souls, because we have already completed several reincarnations. But we are going to learn to detect traces of the inheritances of our past lives.

The cause & effect is understandable, since if you are about to drown on the beach, it will be logical that you are afraid of the sea, swimming and drowning. But if it turns out, nothing has ever happened to you in the sea or in a pool, It is not logical that you have a panic to swim, to the water, to the sea, to the rivers, to the lakes ... Don't you think? It is totally logical to think that there was some cause in a past life, that when you reincarnated you have dragged yourself into your subconscious and you suffer it in this present life. This is precisely what this blog is going to deal with, reincarnated cases or examples and how they are experienced by us. This will help you detect those inheritances from past lives.

Panic at childbirth

Being obsessed with childbirth since childhood, an atrocious fear, without having had any experience in this life, which predisposes us to that reaction. That means that in past lives we died in childbirth or almost and that we suffer pain, which our subconscious has not been able to forget. We could also see our mother or someone very dear to die during childbirth.

Fear of elevators or small, enclosed spaces (claustrophobia)

For no apparent reason: the case of a shepherd in ancient times. You could have died trapped in a cave, without water or food or air and suffered the unspeakable until you ran out of air and died of suffocation. A cave entrance could also be closed due to an earthquake. Before there were many tremors and earthquakes, until the faults and mountains settled.

Claustrophobia or phobia of being hugged tight and short of breath:

You may have died by crushing, due to an earthquake or something similar, being buried and died slowly. Attempted murder by suffocation with a pillow, strangulation ...

Afraid of water

If you are afraid of water, especially the sea, in a previous life you may have drowned in a shipwreck, for example. It could also be for having been drowned by someone (murder) in a bathtub, lake, sea, river ...

Fear of going into a river or the sea without seeing the bottom

It would be to have suffered the attack of a fish or to have been dragged by some seaweed, which dragged him to the bottom and he drowned or not, but almost. Or for having been engulfed by a whirlpool, down to the seabed.

Dread that he lacks money

If you have the habit of always carrying money with you, at home and in your bank account, to feel that you will not miss it ... Surely you died in ruin and on the street in the hardest poverty. Many people have told me that. They call it the Scrooge (Donald Duck) syndrome, hoarding money.

Fear of missing food

You have the need to always have food at home, having the refrigerator and the pantry always bursting ... I'm sure you were very hungry or could even starve to death in another life. Now it seems unthinkable, but during the Middle Ages for example, there were many famines due to wars and epidemics… And people were starving in the streets. The fields had been ravaged by fires and there was nothing to put in your mouth.

Anguish when entering a convent or cathedral, abbey ...

Inexplicably short of breath, you feel anguish and you have to leave because you feel bad ... That could mean that you were in such a place against your will and you had a very bad time. There is a curious case, that a friend lived: he was the 2nd son of a noble family, who was forced to make a career within the Church. They put him by force, to become a bishop or a cardinal ... And he had a terrible time, because he was a free spirit, who wanted to be a soldier and fight, to live his life in a different way and not under the deprivation of celibacy (of women). He had to be whipping himself all the time in order to play his role as expected of him. But as you might expect, he was very unhappy all his life, because he felt trapped, imprisoned and he was short of breath.

Fear of dying of cold

It could be because in another life an avalanche fell on you and you couldn't get out. Slowly dying. Or because you were homeless and died on the street during the harsh winter. Or because you got lost in the mountains in winter without knowing how to return home, until you freezed to death ...

If you feel cold when living certain situations

Certain situations turn on all the alarms, it is because in another life when living that situation you were attacked or killed or harassed or hurt And that is repeated in your subconscious, each time you approach a similar situation, for fear that it will reproduce.

Have the feeling of knowing someone

Feeling as if you've known him your whole life when, in fact, you've just been introduced to him ... That person is a spiritual companion, with which you decided to reincarnate and meet again. And when they meet, they unconsciously recognize each other and it is super easy to become friends. They even speak the same language, there is a feeling and they understand each other as if they had known each other for a lifetime. Of course it is "lifelong"And" from other lives "too.

Have the feeling of having already been in a place when it is the first time you go

… Myself, when doing the Cathar Castles RouteIn the south of France, I experienced something similar and I will summarize it for you. It was between Narbonne and Carcassonne, we were driving, I was sitting in the back and suddenly (without realizing it) transported me to the Middle Ages.

I told my friends: “Now a tunnel is approaching and after the tunnel on the left, there is a castle in the middle of a meadow. It is the castle of such ”.

They answered me: "Ah! Did you think you had never been here? "

And I as if such a thing I replied: "Ah well, in another life I was. I was a young man and I was in a battle in this meadow, fighting with a very heavy sword and I know what it is to kill people, because I killed several. I know what it feels like to stick a sword in and watch someone die. I know what a battlefield smells like ". And I was so wide… I can assure you that I relived part of that battle, I described to my friends how I was dressed, how old I was, how I was physically. Sometimes I was inside my body and sometimes I was seen from above and it was a fantastic experience. It has been the most special and wonderful experience I have ever had. Also, it was very long, I couldn't disconnect ... Incredible!

I have to clarify that I was 23 years old then and I didn't know as much as I do now, that's why it is so surprising that I spoke like this. My friends, who were highly evolved and old souls, did know what I was talking about and they let me elaborate, because they already knew me and knew how I spent them "La petite espagnole". I used to have visions of other past lives, mine and other people.

I could go on with examples, but I think you have already had an idea. I hope you are interested. It seems fascinating to me!

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