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Related articles and news frequently appear in our recent technological advances and nanotechnology advances sections
with cancer. Discoveries, new studies are configuring progress in the fight against this disease.

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Scientific advances

  • Advances in Lung Cancer Treatment - 6/23/2005. Article in The New York Times, Advances in Chemotherapy. Dr. John Minna, University of Texas Southwestern.
  • Nanoparticles to treat cancer - 6/16/2005. Summary of work carried out at the University of Michigan.
  • Nanoparticles to detect Cancer 7-3-2005. application of nanoparticles to detect and treat cancer at the molecular level
  • Advances in medicine: the sun could reduce the risk of prostate cancer. 6/15/2005. Abstract article published in Cancer Research
  • Advances in systems to detect cancer. 2/8/2005. EurekAlert article about a team of scientists from the University of Bristol is developing a new test capable of detecting breast cancer in its early stage.
  • Advances in medicine, new treatments against skin cancer. 12/15/2004. BBC article, a new vaccine against melanoma, one of the most aggressive types of skin cancer.
  • Advances in building the immune system against cancer. 2/16/2005. Study cited in MIT Technology Review, by a team from John Hopkins University on cancer cell destruction in patients with liver, lung or pancreas cancer.
  • Advances in treatments against leukemia. 2/25/2005. A cancer research team at the University of Rochester has discovered that a plant derivative is capable of attacking the roots of leukemia.
  • Advances in methods for diagnosing cancer. 7/16/2004. Article published in MIT Technology Review, on a new blood analysis technique that will allow the diagnosis of cancer in the first phase of the disease.
  • Advances in research on metastasis. 6/26/2004. A study carried out by a team of scientists and published in Cell (see study summary here) this month reveals important information about the development of cancer.
  • Chicken genome and new possibilities in the study of cancer. 9/12/2004 /. According to an article published by the journal Nature. This represents a great scientific advance in the study of viruses and cancer, of the evolution of vertebrates.


  • Spanish scientists use maths to cure terminal liver cancer. Reference to the work Dr. Bru. Complutense University of Madrid.
  • Cancer in Spain. Reference to the study presented by Minister Elena Salgado, "The cancer situation in Spain".


  • Antonio Bru. 2/6/2005 / Notes on Dr. Bru.

Nanotechnology and Cancer News and Advances

  • It is possible to kill cancer cells with nanotechnology. 3/8/2005. A team of researchers from Stanford University has succeeded in killing cancer cells with nanotechnology, without harming healthy cells, through the implantation of microscopic synthetic rods called "nanotubules".
  • Nanoparticles to treat cancer. 6/16/2005. A team of researchers from the University of Michigan has succeeded in transporting a highly potent chemotherapy treatment within tumor cells, thus increasing the drug's ability to kill cancer and reducing toxic side effects.
  • Nanotechnology and Cancer 4/6/2004. Reference to a publication of the National Nanotechnology Initiative: "Nanotechnology and Cancer, Decrease to achieve Great Advances. Application of Nanotechnology to improve the Diagnosis, Prevention and Treatment of Cancer".
  • Nanotechnology to detect cancer 1/14/2005. An article in Technology Review (MIT) describes how nanotechnology can detect cancer. Reference to a work from the California Institute of Technology.
  • Nanotechnology and new treatments against cancer 11/2/2004. According to an article in Technology Review (MIT), a research team from Nanospectra Biosciences (a spinoff of Rice University) has achieved a scientific breakthrough that will select and destroy cancer cells.
  • Nanoparticles to detect Cancer. 3/7/2005. A team of scientists from different specialties from the University of Missouri-Colombia is investigating the application of nanoparticles to detect and treat cancer at the molecular level.
  • New treatments for breast cancer. 1/13/2005. Article published in Smalltimes, the North American authorities have just approved the use of a new treatment for breast cancer. The new drug is called Abraxane and it is based on nanoparticles.

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