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Google presents its Wallet card

Google will offer a prepaid debit card that will allow consumers to buy products in stores and withdraw cash from ATMs, the Internet company announced Wednesday.

The card, which for now will only be available in the United States, allows consumers to access funds stored in their Google Wallet account. Google Wallet is a smartphone application and online payment service that allows consumers to buy goods and transfer money between each other.

As Google noted in an official blog post on Wednesday, the new Wallet can be used at the "millions of sites" that accept MasterCard and at ATMs. Google added that the card is free and that the company will not charge users who use it monthly or annual fees.

The new card could help advance Google in its efforts to play a bigger role in commerce and provide the company with valuable information about consumers' shopping habits, even if it seems less ambitious than the credit card that was rumored. could be preparing.

According to a report published at the time on the technology blog AllThingsD, Google shelved its plans to launch a credit card for consumers when the head of Google's payments and wallet group, Osama Bedier, left the company in May. .

Google started in 2011 offering a special credit card called AdWords Business that its advertiser customers could use to buy ads on its website.

A Google spokeswoman confirmed that data on transactions made with the new Wallet card - including a description of the goods purchased, the amount of the transaction and the name and address of the seller - would be added to the internal profiles that Google maintains of users of your services, and which you can use to target ads.

According to Google, consumers can add money to the new Wallet card by linking it to a bank account or when someone else transfers money to their Wallet account. The card can be ordered online and takes 10-12 days to arrive, according to a Google spokeswoman.

Source: Reuters

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