30 original tattoo ideas for couples that fit together perfectly

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Original and customizable ideas for you to show your love in an original and very very daring way.
The first step is to prepare to ask your partner your intention, if the answer is no, don't feel bad there are many people who are not fans of tattoos ... If, on the contrary, they said yes, which would be the best ?

Here we leave you the best tattoo ideas for couples, so that your imagination can take off.

1. Avocados in love

2. Shall we speak whale?

3. Tattoo portion pizzas: ‘You are here to eat’

4. Stately marriage tattoo

5. Tattoo, 'We learn as we grow'

6. Tattoo engagement rings

7. Owl and tree tattoo. You are my home.

8. With you I feel complete

9. Disney tender and childish love tattoo

10. Love tattoo for geeks

11. Tattoo you open my heart for fingers.

12. 100% ‘matching’ heart tattoo

13. Tattoo heart + pica

14. Tattoo ‘his king and his queen’

15. Tattoo for couples of chess pieces.

16. Rough diamond tattoo

17. Original and fun tattoo for a daring couple

18. Perfect tattoo for a couple of men

19. Tattoo of lion and lioness as a ring

20. 'The key to your heart' tattoo

21. 'LoVe' tattoo

22. Heart tattoo that fits when interlocking hands.

23. Adorable Mickey and Minnie Silhouette Tattoo

24. Comets tattoo.

25. Tattoo flock of birds that goes from one arm to another.

26. Matching Tattoo: King and Queen of hearts

27. Tattoo Symbol for couple

28. Tattoo phrase: ‘I love him, i love her’

29. Short phrase tattoo for couples. ‘Love is patient, Love is rind’

30. Engagement rings tattoo with date in Roman numerals

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