Light-scattering nanoparticles allow low-cost flu diagnosis

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NANOTECHNOLOGY / disease detection: light scattering nanoparticles allow rapid and accurate diagnosis of influenza at low cost (September 1, 2011)

Fast or accurate? Those are generally the options for diagnosing the flu. All things that are extremely helpful during flare-ups, especially since antiviral medications are most effective in the early stages of the disease.

Gold nanoparticles, coated with antibodies that bind to specific strains of the influenza virus, are the foundation of this approach. By measuring how these particles scatter laser light, researchers at the University of Georgia have been able to detect the flu in a matter of minutes at less than a penny per test.

The antibody-nanoparticle complexes are added to any virus present in the sample. This grouping causes the scattered light to fluctuate in a predictable and measurable pattern, while a commercially available device measures intensity.

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